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85% of visitors to a site would rather communicate in writing with a web site than telephone – this is a fact! They are already on line, so it's simpler, free, fast, discreet and confidential! Don't let your future clients slip away!

90% of visitors to a web site want to ask questions about services offered and get a reply right away! READY TO CHAT puts the visitor in direct contact with the right correspondent!!

100% of web sites want to transform visitors into clients, make proposals directly, show the quality of their service and recommend good solutions to gain client loyalty.

Who can afford to miss a client today? READY TO CHAT boosts your growth by making your site interactive and your business attractive.

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Having a web site is indispensable for developing business, but isn't it better to get in contact with your visitors direclty? Ready to Chat offers the solution free of charge! In 10 minutes, your site becomes Ready to Chat! Then you just turn on your computer in the morning and you are Ready To Chat with your visitors. Nothing else to do… just be focused on your business !

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